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Turkey’s share of global gaming industry rises to $1.2 billion

Turkey’s share of the gaming industry has risen to $1.2 billion as the number of digital gamers continues to climb to around 42 million, the CEO of esports agency Gaming in Turkey said on Monday. , Ozan Aydemir.

In an interview with Anadolu Agency (AA), Aydemir cited a 2021 report on the gambling industry in Turkey published by the agency and noted that while the total global market was $138 billion in 2018, this figure rose to $152 billion in 2019.

The size of the global gaming market swelled to $177 billion in 2020 as the pandemic and shutdowns fueled indoor activities like gaming, Aydemir said, noting the figure exceeded expectations.

In 2021, this figure was recorded at $176 billion.

Comparing 2020 and 2021, there seems to be a loss, the CEO said, adding, however, that this is also related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“2020 was actually a leap year. 2021 has been a slightly more balanced year,” he said.

Elaborating on the size of Turkey’s gaming industry, Aydemir said the country had a market share of just $853 million in 2018.

“In 2019, that number dropped to $830 million. In fact, it is not entirely fair to speak of regression because the money we normally spend in Turkish lira per capita has increased. But since the dollar rate has also increased, it seems to be decreasing when calculated in dollars. In 2020, our total revenue grew to $880 million. In 2021, that figure has grown to $1.23 billion,” he said.

The number of players in Turkey also increased from 30 million to 42 million from 2018 to 2021.

“There is a very young population in Turkey,” Aydemir said, noting that the number of hours spent playing and the number of new players have both increased.

“When you look at the male-to-female ratio, if it was three or four years ago, we would have spoken of a more male audience. Now there seems to be a balanced situation with 47% female players and 53% male players. male players,” he explained.

Aydemir went on to say that Turkish gaming companies received nearly $2 billion in investments in 2020, adding that investments are continuing in 2021.

“In 2021, 54 startups received investments in Turkey and a volume of 266 million dollars was created. These figures show that the success of Turkish games not only in Turkey but also in the world is undeniable”, he said. he noted.

One of the underlying factors for these successes is the success of Turkish software developers and mobile game companies, Aydemir said.

“The human resources inside are increasing day by day. Today, many game companies have Turkish and foreign employees. The main objective here is to open up not only to our region, but to the whole world. To bring all cultures together,” he said.

“Metaverse World”

Aydemir said Turkey has highly qualified software developers who have attracted great interest from foreign companies.

He explained that Turkish universities provide students with quality education in game development and young people are able to put their theoretical knowledge into practice thanks to the growing number of game companies.

Highlighting that there are more than 165 professional esports teams and 8,126 licensed esports players in Turkey, Aydemir defined esports as “the shining star of the industry”.

Many brands have invested in the metaverse, Aydemir added, noting that many games have their own economies and come with different integrations.

“Concerts and events were held there. It’s something we don’t know. Create an “other universe” where virtual worlds intertwine. Some time is required with this technology. The gaming industry will be the foundation of the metaverse world,” he said.

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