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Alumni donate $2 million to Snead State | Free sharing

BOAZ – The success of Dr. Joe and Susan Nolen Story has come full circle, with the Florida couple giving back to the college that has been a defining influence not only for them, but also for their family.

Snead State Community College received a $2 million donation from Dr. and Mrs. Story as a token of their appreciation for “the time and experiences we had at Snead State.”

“We look forward to (playing a part in) the continued growth and prosperity of Snead State Community College,” Dr. Story said.

In honor of the couple’s generous contribution, Snead State is hosting a celebration on Monday, May 16 from 3-5 p.m. in what is now known as the Dr. Joe and Susan Story Administration Building, located on the campus of Boaz at 220 North Walnut. Street.

“We are honored that Storys has chosen to renew its relationship with Snead State. Their generous donation will be used for various projects and improvements across campus. We will also be seeking ideas and contributions for future Story family projects. I believe that this is a partnership that will continue to benefit the College and our students,” said Snead State Community College President Dr. Joe Whitmore.

The Storys’ experience at Snead State is similar to that of many college students. For Dr. Story, his scholarships and work-study opportunities helped him get to college.

“I was working to help my single mum pay the bills for both of us and my sister, Mary. I had always dreamed of being a doctor and Snead gave me an opportunity and hope at a critical time in my life, without which I might not have been able to go to college,” he said. he declares.

After his two years at Snead State, Dr. Story graduated from the University of Alabama with a bachelor’s degree in biology, then earned a bachelor’s degree in anesthesia from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. He eventually earned his medical degree (MD) and served as chief resident during his final year of residency at UAB.

“If I could have completed all my college work, including medical school, at Snead, I would have,” Dr. Story said. “My whole family attended Snead, and Snead was instrumental in my mom starting with her GED and eventually earning a Masters in Library Science,” he said.

Margaret Pritchett Story worked three jobs, but Snead State offered her the opportunity to continue her education while supporting her family. During her career as a librarian, she was named Marshall County’s “Teacher of the Year” three times.

The Snead State Library, located inside the Administration Building, will henceforth be known as the Margaret Story Library in honor of her sacrifice, hard work and commitment to education.

Susan Nolen Story also came from a family that didn’t have a lot of money and she had the responsibility to pay for her college education.

“I took a series of classes while working at the Sand Mountain Reporter to earn money for school,” she said.

Ms. Story spent 15 months at Snead and earned two years of college credit before transferring to Auburn University and earning a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering with a minor in math, which she did in a little over two years.

“I received such an incredibly strong education from my calculus and physics teachers at Snead that my homework at Auburn was to tutor math and physics,” Ms Story said.

Ms. Story is the daughter of another Snead State alumnus, her father Tom Nolen. Mr. Nolen also started with a GED and worked for little more than minimum wage while taking academic and technical certification courses at Snead on the GI Bill. He eventually acquired enough education and training to qualify for a more skilled position as a welder and pipefitter and to earn extra money to support his family.

Snead State will also honor Mr. Nolen once the College completes construction of a new Workforce Training Center, which will be located on the Marshall Technical School campus. A training lab in the Workforce Training Center will be named after Tom Nolen in recognition of his support of vocational and technical training.

“As we look back on those people, events and institutions that helped make our American Dream possible, we both think of Snead and how grateful we are for the opportunities the College has given us,” said Dr Story.

“We believe it is important for us to give back and hopefully help provide opportunities for others facing life’s challenges as we have – and achieve their dreams as we have. done,” Ms. Story said.

The stories took their education and dreams and built successful careers that opened up opportunities for them to make a difference in their communities across the United States.

Dr. Story is a highly accomplished physician, medical innovator, and serial entrepreneur. He practiced medicine for over 30 years before retiring in 2003. The current CEO of Story Enterprises, he has helped build over $3 billion in healthcare, biologics and business medical. He designed and developed the internationally acclaimed Andrews Institute of Orthopedics and Sports Medicine with world-renowned orthopedic surgeon James Andrews and Baptist Health Care System, serving as Founding Chair of Research and Education as well as President from the surgery center. He was a partner in the development of “The Blake” award-winning assisted living facilities and memory care facilities in the South East. and was a founding board member of MiMedx, the largest public biologics company in the United States. He also developed Tri-care rehabilitation centers, the Portofino Medical Spa (created and directed the executive physical program) and the Columbiana Clinical Research Company, which was recognized for national and international drug trials.

Ms. Story is a highly accomplished and successful leader in business, political thought and strategy. She served as CEO and CFO of American Water Works, Inc., the largest water utility in the United States, headquartered in New Jersey, before retiring in 2020. She was the one of 23 female CEOs of S&P 500 companies during her six years as CEO. mandate. Prior to American Water, she worked for Southern Company for 31 years, starting as a nuclear power engineer for Alabama Power Company and serving her last two positions as President and CEO of Gulf Power Company in Pensacola, then as President and CEO of Southern Company. Services in Atlanta. She currently serves on the boards of Fortune 500 companies Raymond James Financial, Dominion Energy, and Newmont Corporation, and is a founding board member and current advisor to the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) Board of Trustees Advisory Board. ). She serves on the advisory board of the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida, and remains involved in education efforts at Auburn University. She is a member of the Florida Council of 100 CEOs and the Pensacola Bay Area Impact 100.

Through their Story Family Charitable Fund, the Storys are also a co-funding partner with the Jackie Joyner-Kersee Foundation and the American Water Foundation to roll out Joyner-Kersee’s “Winning in Life” program to children aged five. underserved communities around the world. in the United States, as well as co-funding their local community’s first responder emergency fund and other charitable efforts.

“We often talk about the value of a community college education, but Dr. and Mrs. Story are examples of how far a community college education can take you. By their example, they show our students that their success is only limited by how hard they are willing to work and how big they are willing to dream,” said Dr. Whitmore.

The celebration for Dr. and Mrs. Story will include a special ceremony at 3 p.m. in the Fielder Auditorium located in the Administration Building. A reception will follow the ceremony. The community is invited to attend.