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A gardening club will hold a dedication for a founding member | Free sharing

An Albertville gardening club will dedicate a newly remodeled public garden to a founding member on Saturday.

According to Greenlawn Garden Club member Glenda Wooten, the Williamsburg garden behind the Albertville Public Library will be dedicated to founder and longtime club member Kathryn Reed at 2 p.m. Saturday.

“Our club is one of the oldest civic clubs in Albertville,” Wooten said. “Kathryn was a founding member when it was created in 1958.

“She wanted this garden done and did the design and planning for it. We have done many different projects to raise money for the garden, including selling bricks for the garden.

A traditional Williamsburg colonial-style garden features geometric arrangements of grass-framed beds with brick walkways.

Mirroring was important. For example, if three trees lined a property line, the same thing would repeat on the opposite side.

Gardeners at the time created an axis with walkways, a central walkway with walkways providing a place to walk and dividing the garden into small plantable sections.

Hedges or fences usually enclosed the gardens. They marked off spaces, kept unwanted animals away and separated flower gardens from vegetable gardens.

Wooten said the garden in its heyday was the site of many weddings and intimate parties.

“Over time, people didn’t realize he was there,” Wooten said. “Right now it’s not being used or enjoyed by the public as it should be.”

Reed, a longtime educator in Albertville, now lives in Florida with her daughter, but plans to attend Saturday’s dedication.

“He’s a very civic person,” Wooten said. “My daughter went to her kindergarten which she kept in her house. She was a pillar of the community… an educator for many years here.

Reed served as Big Spring Lake’s first kindergarten principal.

Wooten expects Mayor Tracy Honea and Albertville City Council members to be on hand to present Reed with a certificate. A plaque naming the garden “Kathryn’s Garden” will be unveiled. Refreshments will be served at a reception following the ceremony. The public is invited to attend.

“The club worked hard,” Wooten said. “Louise Radanvitch was the one in the garden. She leads us and is our boss. Other members include Reba Cofield, Jane Garner, Susie Little and Teresa Ferguson.

“We’ve been working on it for several months now and it looks really nice. We are very proud of it.