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5 Artists Share Intimate Experiences About Motherhood

Jarina DeMarco

“When I first got pregnant I was really freaked out. I had a moment of panic because there are the old tropes of ‘you can’t have it all’ and ‘once you’ve a baby, your life is over”. I guess we sort of internalize these stories because of the way women are portrayed in the media and things like that. You see a lot of mums just becoming soccer mums, which is totally fine too. But there’s this trope like, ‘oh, you’re a mother – forget your life now, dedicate your life to a baby’. And I think I’ve internalized that even though my mother was also a musician. [She] traveled the world with me and my dad, who had a band together for 15 years. And I was a tour baby. My mother is also a musical anthropologist. So I would go to her to register tribes in the Amazon and also in the countryside of the Dominican Republic. So I had an incredibly, very cultural and off the beaten track childhood. And when I got pregnant, I completely forgot about that. I only had this trope in my head.

“So I called my friend Lido Pimienta. She has two children of her own and an adopted one. And I called her, I said, ‘Girl, how do you do it? It’s possible? I’m afraid that I won’t be able to handle this and also that my career will go down the drain. And she said, ‘Jarina, first of all, women like you and me need to have babies in the world. We need creative and compassionate people. And two, all you have to do is get organized and find a community. And that’s exactly what I did. »

Jarina is currently documenting her motherhood experience and sharing other tips for mothers through her Youtube series”I gave birth to all of you.”